Google I/O : Massive Percussion Score

Tom Haines created a massive percussion soundtrack for the Google I/O conference countdown.




Tom Haines recently composed and performed the music for Nicolas Ménard’s arresting and bold super wide screen visual countdown to Google’s I-O festival in California. It’s a pure percussion piece, for HUGE drums and assorted giant wooden blocks / gongs etc. We had to book in to air Edel studios to record this track, as it is one of the few studios in London with a door big enough to get the drums though. The recording session was very good fun. Playing Instruments that size is also quite a good workout. 

The track was eventually delivered in 7.1 surround on a GIANT sound-system at the festival. 

On this occasion, we can safely use the word “BOOM.”


Composer – Tom Haines

Produced by Nexus Studios

Directed by Nicolas Ménard