Luo Bao Bei : 52 Episode Animated TV Show

Tom Haines wrote the music for a brand new children’s series Luo Bao Bei now showing on Milkshake!



Composer Tom Haines recently finished the score for 52 x 11min animated series Luo Bao Bei for Cloth Cat (UK) and Magic Mall (Beijing) – now airing worldwide, and on milkshake in the UK. It’s been great fun, and a big learning curve making so much music so quickly. The score features a mix of Orchestral, Western Instruments and Chinese instruments such as the Guzeng and Pipa. Our studio manager Laura Selby managed the delivery schedule of the score, collating the music library and track-laying score into episodes. 

Directed by: Adam Bailey
Head Writer: Face Ingham
Composer: Tom Haines
Music Editor: Laura Selby 
Additional Music: Chris Branch