Orange TV commercials: Weiden+Kennedy

We write the music and created the character voices for this long running campaign for Orange in Romania.


Orange 2017 Spring and Autumn Campaign




10 Year Anniversary : Orange Summer 2016



Orange Easter 2016



Past Commercials with Orange Romania : Millidge and Doig





This campaign for Orange in Romania has been great fun over the years. Gemma Saunders is the voice of both characters, Millidge and Doig. The mischievous animated pair have to share a mouth, which lands them in all sorts of bonkers situations. Original scores for these commercials have called for everything from symphony orchestras, to spaghetti western music, to big band cha cha tracks.

We also created a bespoke Max/Msp patch to create the voice of new Character Hexage by manipulating recordings of voice artist Pascal Wyse.


Directors: Smith and Foulkes for Nexus Productions. London

Agency: Weiden + Kennedy

What we did: Music, Sound design and character voice creation.