The Black Pearl: BFI: Touch

A BFI project to score early colour stencil films from Pathé. Performed by the band Tom and Chris are members of – The London Snorkelling Team.

These new soundtracks to some of the first experiments in colour film, some of which are almost 100 years old, were commissioned by the BFI and Touch in 2012. The London Snorkelling Team were overjoyed at the opportunity to perform some new music for “the Black Pearl.”

The soundtrack for the “Black Pearl” was written by Tom Haines, performed by the London Snorkelling Team and recorded at Brains and Hunch.

Traps, glockenspiel and electronics: Tom Haines

Wind Instruments: Ross Hughes

Organs and Synthesiser: Christopher Branch

Trombone: Pascal Wyse


Performed by:  The London snorkelling Team.