Trip: Virgin Atlantic

We wrote the music and did the sound design for the new Virgin Atlantic flight safety film.



We worked closely with Art and Graft on this fun film for Virgin Atalntic. This score had to seamlessly flow between classic film genres. The trick was to keep the momentum of the film going whilst making really bold “genre signposts” with the music and sound. The soundtrack effortlessly flows from Spaghetti Western, to 60s TV Marvel Comic Book style, to 70s Bad-ass road movie, to film Noir with Herrmanesque strings and brass, to Epic space adventure with Choir, to low budget 80s monster movie, to full swing Big Band on the Busby Berkeley sequence, to psychedelic 60’s rock, to classic feel good Hollywood orchestral score.


We also recorded the voice over with Morgana Richardson as the voice of the narrator. As well as recording the sound design and foley which needed to be just as genre specific as the music.


Director:  Mike Maloney for Art and Graft.

Voice Artist: Morgana Richardson

What we did: Music and sound design.