B+H is a hands on, composer-led studio making bespoke music and sound for TV, film and Animation.

The Studios

The team: Chris Branch, Tom Haines, Becca Laurence and Ieva Vaiti

have over 20 years experience in making music and sound for film and TV. The team work from their custom-built recording studios in London N1, where the music writing, recording, editing, foley and sound design takes place. B+H also call on a wider pool of freelance talent, including specialist session musicians,  esoteric audio experts as well as great relationships with larger studios for bigger ensemble and orchestral recordings.

B+H have three client friendly recording studios in N1, and are equipped with Pro Tools HD, Live, Max/Msp, Video Playback, 5.1, and an ever-expanding collection of unusual and rare acoustic instruments, beautiful outboard equipment, lots of interesting old microphones, too many drum-sets, plus analogue synthesisers and organs.