UKTV Alibi Idents: Art&Graft

We wrote the music and did the sound design for the rebranding of UKTV’s Alibi channel with Art&Graft.

The conceptual focus of these channel idents for UK crime drama channel “Alibi” is connecting clues at crime scenes. The red string is a visual motif throughout representing these connections and we wanted to match that musically by giving each string its own resonance or note (in the end a blend of Harp and single notes plucked on an Auto-Harp) as we pull out and see all the strings linking together, similarly, we hear the notes starting to form musical patterns.

The audio mnemonic to match the spinning logo at the end of each ident was inspired by the clicking sound of a combination lock on the front of large safes.

What we did: Music and Sound Design.


Composer: Chris Branch

Created and produced by Art&Graft