Buried Land : Tribeca Film Festival

Original Soundtrack composed and recorded for the feature film Buried Land. Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2006, CNN announced the discovery of ancient pyramids in the tiny village of Visoko, Bosnia….

A fictional film in a real community, Buried Land is the story of one man’s return to his homeland to find the truth behind the pyramidal claims. But how do you make a film about a pyramid that can’t be seen and will he come to believe? This is a story of the power of faith, imagination and community, and of the futility of looking for absolute truths, in life, and in movies…

The Soundtrack and various sound themes in this feature film were written and recorded at Brains and Hunch. The Soundtrack features various small reed organs, metal percussion, Max/Msp sound manipulation, Vibraphonette and guitars, amongst other instruments. We find that sometimes small instruments, when recorded in the right way, make the biggest sounds.

What we did: Original score composition and production.


Composers: Chris Branch and Tom Haines

Written & Directed by: Steven Eastwood & Geoffrey Alan Rhodes