Rain or Shine : Google Spotlight Stories

We did the music and sound for the latest Google Spotlight story: Rain or Shine.

We have recently completed the score (Tom Haines) and sound (Chris Branch) for Nexus director Felix Massie’s VR Google Spotlight film, Rain or Shine. It’s an immersive world of storytelling made for mobile, which blends 3D and 2D animation, 360° spherical video, full-sphere surround sound. We worked closely on this project with director Felix Massie, and the awesome technical team at Nexus, as well as Google ATAP. We designed, created and recorded the “sonospheric” sound and music for Rain or Shine’s world. Our brief was to create a score and sound design that propelled the narrative, as well as seamlessly following the viewer’s experience of the film, which, of course, is different every time.

Writing a score to a film that will never have a locked edit is a dizzying challenge!

All the foley and sound were recorded and mixed at Brains and Hunch. The chamber orchestra score was recorded at Air Edel and Brains and Hunch studios and mixed at Brains and Hunch.

The fully interactive film is premiering on the Google Spotlight Stories app. It is also available on YouTube, YouTube Kids the YouTube App. To view the show in full interactive 360, use on  the YouTube App for Android. For iOS, download the Google Spotlight Stories App.

Learn more about Google Spotlight Stories here.

What we did: original score composition, sound design and production.


Composer: Tom Haines

Sound Designer: Chris Branch

Additional Sound Design and Music Project Manager: Laura Selby

Created and produced by Nexus

Directed by: Felix Massie

Producer: Mariano Melman